July 14th, 2024


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St. Luke’s Lutheran Church
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St. Luke’s Academy
St. Luke’s Theological Academy

Welcome to St. Luke’s Theological Academy (SLTA). Through its developing Academy, St. Luke’s Lutheran Church seeks to offer parishioners and pastors opportunities to enhance their theological knowledge for mission and ministry.
Through its website and its church library, St. Luke’s provides “genuinely Lutheran” courses, curricula, and essays available both onsite and online.

Courses »
SLTA is planning a six module diploma course in theological studies. The prerequisite or first module, “An Introduction to the Christian Faith,” will be offered once per year. Please click on the ‘Courses’ button to check the availability, dates, and times of this and subsequent modules.
Curricula »
SLTA has also begun publishing Genuinely Lutheran Learning (GLL) curricula. GLL’s Sunday School Curriculum for grades (school years) 1 - 6 (ages 5-12) is now available. SLTA plans to publish GLL catechetical material soon. All GLL curricula, though copyrighted, are available in PDF for personal and congregational use free of charge!

Essays »
SLTA is also publishing “genuinely Lutheran”essays. Composed by knowledgeable Lutheran scholars, these materials provide both topical and in-depth learning opportunities, conveniently collected in one location but made available globally through the internet.

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